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Auburn mayor: There’s going to be “very few people” in our town that “have not been touched” by shooting

Published October 26, 2023 By Mark Mirutz

Auburn, a town in Maine, has several people who were affected by the shooting in nearby city of Lewiston, Auburn Mayor Jason J. Levesque said Thursday.

“Several of them aren’t with us anymore. And the other folks that I knew that were there either as witnesses or family members of witnesses — it’s obviously, traumatic. The bright shot was seeing individuals reunified with their loved ones after not knowing for so long. On the other side, the ones that are waiting and waiting and probably would never be reunified,” he said.

The mayor said “yes” when asked if he lost friends in the shooting, adding, “there is going to be very few people in this community that have not been touched by this.”

Levesque described a scene of “silence” in Auburn after the shooting.

“The silence of just not knowing, that’s what they don’t say,” he told CNN Thursday. “It will be with me the rest of my life.”


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