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‘Rust’ armorer becomes distressed when shown autopsy photos of Halyna Hutchins during shooting trial – Fox News

Published February 28, 2024 By admin

Join Fox News for access to this content Plus special access to select articles and other premium content with your account – free of charge. Please enter a valid email address. Hannah Gutierrez Reed became visibly distressed when autopsy photos of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins were shown in court Tuesday.The prosecution showed photos of the gunshot wounds Hutchins’ suffered in the fatal Oct. 21, 2021 “Rust” shooting. The jury was shown a photo of Hutchins’ uncleaned entry wound — which is part of the medical examiner’s policy — and another photo of the uncleaned exit wound.Gutierrez Reed, who worked as the movie’s armorer and is being tried on charges of involuntary manslaughter, put her head down after viewing the photos on her monitor. She appeared to sit still holding the bridge of her nose as her lawyer asked for counsel to approach the judge’s bench. At one point, Gutierrez Reed tipped her head back and looked at the ceiling as one of her lawyers rubbed her back.Photos of Hutchins were shown to the jury as part of medical examiner Heather Jarrell’s testimony.

The “Rust” armorer, Hannah Gutierrez Reed, puts her head down after being shown photos of Halyna Hutchins’ gunshot wounds. (Courtesy: New Mexico Courts) Hannah Gutierrez Reed reacts to autopsy photos of Halyna Hutchins shown in court. (Courtesy: New Mexico Courts)Jarrell explained the photos were taken before the wounds were cleaned to document possible soot that remained on the body that could be wiped off during the autopsy. The forensic pathologist also revealed new details relating to the cinematographer’s death.When Hutchins arrived at the University of New Mexico Hospital, she was “pulseless.” At that point, the medical team continued to attempt lifesaving measures, which included surgery.”There was over one liter of blood present in the right chest cavity when Mrs. Hutchins arrived to UNMH or the University of New Mexico Hospital,” Jarrell told the jury. “And so, that indicates significant blood loss within the chest cavity and the injury to the right lung was also lethal.”

Halyna Hutchins died after being shot on the “Rust” set on Oct. 21, 2021. (Fred Hayes/Getty Images for SAGindie)Judge Mary Marlowe Sommer ordered the photos not to be published to the court.Jarrell also testified as to why Hutchins’ cause of death was ruled an accident and not a homicide. Hutchins was shot and killed after a gun actor Alec Baldwin was holding discharged. Baldwin also faces an involuntary manslaughter charge, and his trial will begin July 9 with jury selection.The medical examiner noted that from the investigation she concluded there had not been an “obvious intent to cause death.””Additionally, there are medical examiners across this country that would have certified the manner of death in this case as homicide,” Jarrell explained. “However, reviewing the material that was applicable to me, it is clear that there was a belief on the set that the firearm was not loaded with live ammunition.

Hannah Gutierrez Reed holds a gun on the set of “Rust.” (Courtesy: New Mexico Courts)Gutierrez Reed’s trial began with jury selection on Feb. 21. The process took a full day, with seven men and five women selected. Along with involuntary manslaughter, Gutierrez Reed is also facing an evidence tampering charged. The armorer was hit with the charges after allegedly passing off a bag of cocaine on the same day as the fatal “Rust” shooting.In opening statements, prosecutors accused the armorer of being “unprofessional and sloppy” and “negligent” on the Western film set, directly causing the death of Hutchins. The prosecution also claimed Gutierrez-Reed was the crew member who brought the live ammo to the set in the first place, an issue that has long plagued the two-year investigation. A photograph showing one live round amid dummy ammo found on the set of “Rust.” (Courtesy: New Mexico Courts)

Meanwhile, Gutierrez Reed’s defense blamed Baldwin and the production company behind “Rust” for the fatal shooting and that his client had been used as a “scapegoat.””You will hear that Hollywood actors are not allowed to point guns, real guns at other actors or crew,” Jason Bowles told the jury. “It’s … like every other safety with guns in any other place in society. You learn these rules and go into the classes. You learn these rules if you’ve ever owned a gun. Rule No. 1: Never point a firearm at somebody unless you intend to shoot them. And that rule was broken.”Since the start of witness testimony, jurors have heard from multiple gun experts, authorities who investigated the shooting and a crew member. Hannah Gutierrez Reed appears in court for opening statements on Feb. 22. (Courtesy: New Mexico Courts)

SOURCE: Fox News


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